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Volker Meissner
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Jason Phur
" Thank you for you precious help and support for my wife's employment issue. You have been helpful with your competence and your way to explain things clearly to us. The issue was complex and involved employment law and tenancy law. The outcome was in our favour thanks to your expert advice. It has been a pleasure to be guided by you. Thanks again. Volker".
"Employment Law 4 U, what can I say but thank you so much for helping me through a very difficult time with my employers. You were always on hand to answer any question that I had and explained the process to me in a way that I understood.
I would highly recommend you to anybody with any difficulties in the work place you dealt with me on a very professional level".
 Jason consulted with Employment law 4u after being dismissed from his employer Volksline Ltd of Canterbury Kent. Mike was able to successfully claim 'protected disclosure unfair dismissal' at the hearing and enlisted the help of Barister Alex Ustych for the remedy hearing.  Jason is convinced that the reason he was able to secure  his win "was because of the approach and professionalism of his legal team".
Tom Andews HSBC Local Business Manager
​Tracey Allport
Moth Therapies
Anonymous (legal reasons)
"I found the help, support and guidance given throughout by Mike invaluable, at a time that was extremely difficult for me.  I am very pleased that I chose EL4U to represent me and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs the confidence of being represented by someone who is not only extremely knowledgeable in Employment Law, but a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you Mike".
"Mike was able to help my wife in an employment matter with a former employer. We were very pleased with the outcome, which we considered a fair and decent solution.  It was never going to be the most financially rewarding case for Mike however his commitment and attention were second to none and his persistentance was a key factor in the successful outcome. I will not hesitate to recommend Mike to family, friends or business contacts in need. " 
"I highly recommend Mike Arnold, he offers a friendly, knowledgable and professional service, for anything related to employment law; for the employer or the employee. Thank you Mike for your detailed and thorough advice, when I needed it."